The Devil (XV) - The Dream Logic Tarot - Major Arcana

The Devil

One must inhale before exhaling. The Devil represents this inhalation in a broad sense, denoting the accumulation of energy before action. Some tarot decks will interpret the card as representing bondage or servitude, but it should be known that the bondage in question is self-imposed and easily escaped. Constraints such as discipline or organization can be exceptionally beneficial when properly applied. Thus, the Devil represents the necessary winter rains preceding a glorious spring bloom.


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  1. bitt1991 Avatar

    so ive had this reoccurring dream since a was a child  about this man with a goats head.. I didn’t even know who he was and ive never seen him befor today. I was talking about my dream and decided to look it up and saw that the man in my dream was the tarot devil.. but I still don’t understand the dream at all because in the dream im in a pasture or a meadow and I see this like head poking up through the tall grass and when I got a little closer it stood up and had a mans body. he didn’t come towards me or anything he just stared at me.. it really scared me even though nothing else about the dream was scary. the scenery was pretty and peacefull but the man staring at me filled me with terror.. I keep having that same dream randomly and nothing ever changes in the dream..

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