The Eight of Wands

Card Meaning: Swiftness, dexterity, and force of mind yielding immediate action. A brilliant flash of “eureka!” followed by a flurry of movement. However, with extreme speed comes instability. Proper aim is needed to achieve success, else the project might “hit a wall” and be destroyed by its own inertia.

Qabalistic/Astrological Significance: The influence of Hod and Mercury upon the first decan of Sagittarius. Mercurial wit, alacrity, haste, and possibly impatience applied to warmth and positive energy.

Three of Wands

Card Meaning: Virtue, integrity, success, and gloating to a certain extent. A joyous aftermath. The appreciation of one’s own prowess, generosity, and/or nobility after a struggle is successfully overcome. A good deed done with a touch of vanity and flair thrown into the mix.

Qabalistic/Astrological Significance: The influence of Binah and the Sun upon the second decan of Aries. Understanding, stability, and warm self-expression applied to a confident and fiery nature.

The Nine of Cups

Card Meaning: Fun, happiness, warmth and beneficence. A joyous occasion. A feast or celebration, perhaps combined with a charming level of ostentation or vanity. Sometimes denotes the positive influence of a jovial friend, fond of wine, song, and earthly enjoyments. Temporary emotional harmony.

Qabalistic/Astrological significance: Influence of Jupiter & Yesod upon the second decan of Pisces. Foundational stability combined with noble generosity and joie de vivre.

Two of Wands

Card Meaning: Dominion, strength, boundless energy, boldness, ferocity. Previously difficult obstacles suddenly reveal themselves to be little more than minor annoyances. Acting with confidence, ease, and power.

Qabalistic/Astrological Significance: The influence of Chokmah and Mars upon the first decan of Aries. Wisdom applied to the seeds of prowess and inspiration, which burst open with potential energy. A current of power, ready to be focused and aimed, that can create as well as destroy.

Possible chanting heard on premises.

Landlord: “What’s that you’re holding?”
Jay: “A goat skull. It’s for an art project.”
Landlord: “I expected that, since you’re not allowed to do any Satanic Rituals on the first floor.”
Jay: “That wasn’t in the lease- I’m just not allowed to be noisy about it.”
Landlord: “Yes, no chanting. I don’t want demons pouring out of the fireplace.”
Jay: “No loud chanting, you mean.”