The Nine of Cups

Card Meaning: Fun, happiness, warmth and beneficence. A joyous occasion. A feast or celebration, perhaps combined with a charming level of ostentation or vanity. Sometimes denotes the positive influence of a jovial friend, fond of wine, song, and earthly enjoyments. Temporary emotional harmony.

Qabalistic/Astrological significance: Influence of Jupiter & Yesod upon the second decan of Pisces. Foundational stability combined with noble generosity and joie de vivre.

The Queen of Cups

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was such an attentive listener, that it seemed as if your opinions immediately became their opinions, and that your troubles became their troubles?

The Queen of Cups represents just such an individual, the spiritual, reflective essence of water made flesh. The perfect social chameleon, this person seems to perpetually exude patience, kindness, and understanding no matter who they are interacting with.

However, their innate empathy makes it exceedingly difficult to ascertain their true nature. Like the personality (or lack thereof) it represents, the interpretation of this card depends heavily upon the company (i.e. other cards) that surround it.