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  • Possible chanting heard on premises.

    Possible chanting heard on premises.

    Landlord: “What’s that you’re holding?” Jay: “A goat skull. It’s for an art project.” Landlord: “I expected that, since you’re not allowed to do any Satanic Rituals on the first floor.” Jay: “That wasn’t in the lease- I’m just not allowed to be noisy about it.” Landlord: “Yes, no chanting. I don’t want demons pouring…

  • Tarot Creation

    Tarot Creation

    (as seen at When I talk to people about the Dream Logic Tarot, they commonly ask me about the process of creating a tarot card. I’ve therefore decided to write a little bit about said process, and shall use the card of the High Priestess as an example. Each tarot card has a series…