The Three of Disks

The Three of Disks
The Three of Disks

Disks represent earthen manifestation in its many forms, and few cards in the deck do so with such vigor. The Three of Disks is the card of the inspired craftsperson. Whether it is a sculpture, a novel, or a business deal, the energetic fire of Mars is applied to the ambitious leaps of our earthy, goat-faced friend Capricorn. Such a vigorous combination might normally let things get a bit wild and crazy, but the Saturnine shrewdness of Binah is there to make certain our hooves push off of solid stone rather than wobbly, avalanche-prone scree.

If the Three of Disks shows up in a reading, it means that whatever project you might be working on is destined for success. This does not mean that it is time to kick your feet up and get lazy, however. Diligence and elbow grease will remain necessary ingredients, but you shall soon find your labors both enjoyable and deliciously fruitful.


General Divinatory Meaning:  Work, skill and craftsmanship. Energetic expansion. Gains in financial endeavors. Business growth and prosperity. Positive self-development through discipline.


Qabalistic/Astrological Attributions:  Binah, Mars & Capricorn. Force and Understanding aiding earthly ambition.


Two of Wands

Card Meaning: Dominion, strength, boundless energy, boldness, ferocity. Previously difficult obstacles suddenly reveal themselves to be little more than minor annoyances. Acting with confidence, ease, and power.

Qabalistic/Astrological Significance: The influence of Chokmah and Mars upon the first decan of Aries. Wisdom applied to the seeds of prowess and inspiration, which burst open with potential energy. A current of power, ready to be focused and aimed, that can create as well as destroy.

The Tower

The Tower is a tarot card of the Major Arcana that corresponds to the Hebrew letter Peh, meaning ‘mouth’, and is associated with the planet Mars.

Arguably the most foreboding of the cards, The Tower represents the essence of Mars in its astrological role of the Lesser Malefic at its most vile and destructive. A massive structure looms menacingly. A lightning bolt strikes its top floor, and fires rage inside. To escape the inferno, shadowy figures hurl themselves from the windows. The visage of a demonic mouth materializes and opens maniacally.

In divination, The Tower signifies a violent paroxysm — a swift, sudden, and unfortunate event (or series of events) that shatters the hopes of the querent. Businesses crumble, ideals disintegrate, and relationships erupt in chaos when The Tower rears its head. The card does not signify the proverbial end of the world, per se, but those on the receiving end of wrath will have a difficult time sifting through the post-cataclysmic pieces.

-Anthony Teth