The Three of Disks

Disks represent earthen manifestation in its many forms, and few cards in the deck do so with such vigor. The Three of Disks is the card of the inspired craftsperson. Whether it is a sculpture, a novel, or a business deal, the energetic fire of Mars is applied to the ambitious leaps of our earthy,Continue reading “The Three of Disks”

Tzaddi is not The Star

During the Second World War, Aleister Crowley, working with his friend, student, and artist Lady Freida Harris, created one of the most visually stunning and Qabalistically potent Tarot decks the world had ever seen. Named after the Egyptian god of magic and wisdom, the Thoth Tarot was both mind-blowingly beautiful and brilliantly conceived. In addition,Continue reading “Tzaddi is not The Star”